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Totem Wifi and The Circle - First Nations Entrepreneur Hub

Totem Wifi* was founded to provide visitors with information about Australian landmarks and other places of significance—replacing traditional signage with a digital solution.

The software invites businesses (like caravan parks and cellar doors), organisations (like national parks and councils) and First Nations Australians to upload information about a particular place or landmark.

Users can log on to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their surroundings and connect with local businesses and activities.

Because it’s not an app, the technology can work with or without internet, making it a unique way to deliver digital signage. The business is patented in Australia and overseas.

To help accelerate the business’s development, Managing Director Tony Coppins became one of the first business leaders to join The Circle – the First Nations Entrepreneur Hub located at Lot Fourteen. He says it’s been a great place to build connections.

“The Circle offers us that support mechanism to reach and find out about opportunities,” Mr Coppins said.

“The introductions we’ve already had via The Circle have been a quantum leap for our business.

“We’re looking forward to getting in front of likeminded business owners and potential angel investors, clients and partners at Lot Fourteen.”

The Circle has been established in partnership with the Australian Government and the South Australian Government, under the Adelaide City Deal.

Officially opened in August 2021, The Circle will also be a destination to assist corporates, local businesses and employers looking to engage First Nations businesses in their supply chains or to employ First Nations Australians.

*Totem Wifi will soon be renamed to Visitor Information Zone (VIZ), to better describe its service: localised information sent to a smart devise via the VIZ unit nearby.

This story originally appeared as a case study in the 2021 SA Startup Report.

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