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Neumann Space

Lot Fourteen based startup Neumann Space is on a mission to enable the future of space!

Chief Executive Officer Herve Astier said the first step is to bring their patented technology to market by achieving a few in-orbit CubeSat demonstration missions, before developing larger systems.

“We offer off-the-shelf, safe, robust and easy to integrate subsystems to satellite integrators and efficient on-demand electric propulsion to satellite operators,” Mr Astier said.

“We are very proud of our sovereign capability and look forward to sending the first electric propulsion system developed in Australia to space.”

Neumann Space was the recipient of an $850,000 Seed-Start* grant from the Government of South Australia in 2019, matched by private investment from Earth Space Robotics, enabling the company to greatly accelerate its R&D process.

“At the beginning of this project we had a basic research model, only partially operating in a vacuum environment with a team of four people located in a garage in Brompton,” Mr Astier said.

“Thanks to the Seed-Start program, we have built an Engineering Development Unit fully working in vacuum after a number of iterations, developed our own test equipment, increased our process maturity, assembled a team of nine professionals (including qualified engineers) and started to work with excellent local suppliers.”

These achievements were matched with the establishment of an internship program, international patents, and acceptance into the SpIRIT satellite mission—all significant milestones for the business.

Next steps for Neumann Space include thruster qualification and integration ahead of their first satellite launch, planned for the end of 2022.

“We want to demonstrate our Australian technology to the world,” Mr Astier said.

“As soon as possible, we want to see our propulsion system powering constellations of CubeSats around earth, the moon and beyond.

“We have a very unique technology and as soon as the product is proven in space, we intend to manufacture and export as many as possible.”


* The Seed-Start Program provides early-stage high growth potential startups with grants of between $50,000 - $500,000. The Seed-Start Program is an initiative of the Government’s Research and Innovation Fund (RIF) (formerly Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund).

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