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An open line to family

CareApp formed as an idea in Allison Nikula’s head when her grandparents moved into residential aged care 800km from their family.

The occupational therapist believed that, if family members could have direct and easy communications with their loved ones, as well as ongoing news about their welfare and achievements, the anxiety might be eased.

When I went through the capital raising process it was highlighted to me – the opportunity to be at a hub like Stone & Chalk, where I can lean on other start-ups but also the mentors and experts who spend their time there.

Allison Nikula, CareApp

The start-up became one of the first residents at Lot Fourteen last year. Now the app is used nationally by more than 200 nursing homes, with Nikula’s six staff helping aged care staff and residents channel messages, photos, newsletters, live video chats and event notifications.

Meanwhile the hub is there to help with future expansion. “We can de-stress using the ping pong table or get a coffee,” she says.

“There, you run into your colleagues, and I can chat with... Jim Whalley (SA’s chief entrepreneur) or other key players within the ecosystem.”

Article credit: The Advertiser

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