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SA startup pitches to global audience at COP26

Lot Fourteen-based XDI:Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI) has presented on their innovative climate risk analysis business at this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

It is the only Australian business to participate in the CivTech Alliance Global Scale-up Programme, appearing alongside 17 startups from nine other countries.

Co-Founder and CEO Rohan Hamden travelled to the United Kingdom in late October to attend the conference, thanks to the Government of South Australia’s membership in the global CivTech Alliance. Before he left, he said this about the opportunity:

"Climate resilience is the focus of XDI, and my mission is to make the world safer from the increasingly severe effects of climate change and extreme weather,” Mr Hamden said.

“XDI provides detailed intelligence and analysis on the impacts of extreme weather and climate change on infrastructure.

“This information helps financial institutions to assess climate impacts on their loans and investments, governments to plan and manage the resilience of their infrastructure, and corporates to ensure their assets will continue to perform.

“COP26 is an excellent opportunity to provide our input into global climate resilience action, and I will be representing XDI by speaking at several events related to infrastructure resilience.

“While in the UK, we will also meet with some of the largest financial services firms in the world to pitch XDI’s services and discuss strategic relationships.

“We look forward to connecting with current and future clients, and meeting with key representatives travelling from US to meet with XDI.”

The CivTech Alliance is coordinated by the Government of Scotland and operates across more than 20 countries as a free, membership-based community.

The Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur, part of the Department for Innovation and Skills, coordinates South Australia’s involvement in the global CivTech Alliance and nominated XDI for this opportunity.

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