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New funds committed to the development of greener industries

South Australia is the beneficiary of several recently-announced projects designed to scale up the nation's environmental response.

Flinders University has been granted $59 million in federal funding to establish an innovation hub dedicated to harnessing marine bioproducts at Tonsley. The Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre is a decade-long R&D program set to transform Australia’s emerging marine bioproducts sector into a sustainable, clean, and globally competitive industry.

Similarly, the University of Adelaide will establish the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC) with $39 million in Australian Government support. HILT CRC will focus on research into the transition of steel, aluminium and cement work into greener industries.

A cutting-edge seaweed processing plant is slated for construction in Port Pirie, with an aim to produce cattle feed specifically formulated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Production will be based on CSIRO research that found that the red seaweed Asparagopsis, mixed with regular cattle feed, could reduce methane production by up to 90%.

Pirie Meats has partnered with the CSIRO, CH4 Global, Organic Technology Holdings and Siemens Australia to establish the $90 million plant, with construction scheduled to begin late 2021. Full story via Startup Daily.

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