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Makers Empire secures RCSF grant

Makers Empire has been granted almost $300,000 in matched funding through the Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF) to enhance its educational design software and equip more school students with 3D printing skills.

The grant will support the roll-out of Makers Empire’s MakeShop project, which aims to advance their technology and begin pilot programs in more Australian and international schools.

Makers Empire has already rolled out their software to almost 2 million students in 1000 schools around the world. The MakeShop project will enhance existing technology and give primary-aged students access to higher quality 3D printing, allowing them to design and print metal items such as jewellery, key rings and other objects.

Makers Empire CEO Jon Soong says COVID-19 caused significant disruption to the education sector, challenging his staff to support teachers and families adapting to hybrid models of learning.

“However, COVID-19 also created new opportunities for us—we designed a range of remote learning resources including COVID-19 related challenges and a free Learning at Home course,” Mr Soong said.

“The RCSF funding will help us test the market potential for MakeShop, which builds on our existing products to offer high-quality 3D prints to schools and parents.

“Funding will be used to develop the parent/consumer market and refine user experience, as well as test production within Australia, as currently the big 3D print bureaus are all overseas.

“We are grateful for this grant, and to the SA Department for Education for partnering with us over the last five years, helping us to refine and improve our products for schools."

Watch the Channel 9 News story.

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