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Introducing South Australia's new Chief Entrepreneur

South Australia's new Chief Entrepreneur Andrew Nunn is Co-founder, Chairman and Executive Director of JBS&G Australia, and recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative, experienced and progressive professionals in the consulting environmental field.

Speaking to The Advertiser, Andrew says he is passionate about facilitating connections - "connecting people with great ideas, people with funds and people with the talent, and try to get them all working together."

Andrew is also Co-founder and Director of the Nunn Dimos Foundation, a SA-based philanthropic fund focussed on key social and arts issues. With this in mind, it makes sense that increasing the rate of social entrepreneurship in South Australia is high on the to-do list.

“In relation to social entrepreneurship, I think that’s huge. The board has a very strong focus on that and I’m keen to champion it – things like homelessness, education and obviously environment is close to my heart."

Learn more about Andrew and the role of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur.

In the video below, outgoing Chief Entrepreneur Jim Whalley shares his observations on how the South Australian startup community has grown over the past two years, and what he thinks are the biggest opportunities and challenges ahead.

A message from former South Australian Chief Entrepreneur Jim Whalley.
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