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First round of Go2Gov: Challenge winners announced

Eight local startups have successfully pitched their product or service through the Go2Gov Program—which calls on local innovators to work in partnership with government agencies to solve public sector challenges.

One such challenge came from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), which is looking to enable remote monitoring of quarantine bins to increase the state’s biosecurity and management of fruit fly.

Local IoT startup OpenSensing successfully pitched their technology as a solution to this challenge. The company uses Long Range Wide Area Network architecture where gateways relay messages between end-devices and a central network server.

General Manager Leo Gaggl says this allows data to be processed and communicated in real-time without using sim cards or any other data contracts with telecommunications providers.

“We have existing level sensors for bins, but the huge challenge for the biosecurity bins is that the coverage inside of those bins is just not there,” Mr Gaggl said.

“What we are addressing in our project is the more localised wireless coverage and then back over long distances.

“We are also looking at developing bin-surround monitoring so we can alert PIRSA of waste or material building up surrounding the bin.

"Finding a reference client is always a really big problem for startups; having a large government department dealing across a wide region is a really good reference that will help us with other clients as well.”

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Other participating startups are:

  • Digital WorQ - partnering with Libraries SA to meet the community's growing digital needs.
  • Be Well Co & Lumin Sports Technology - partnering with the Department of Correctional Services on a project to improve staff wellbeing.
  • The Moonshine Lab - partnering with the Department of Human Services to help connect people with a disability to inclusive spaces within the community.
  • IO Energy - partnering with the Department for Energy and Mining on an electric vehicle solution for our regions.
  • Personify Care - partnering with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network to personalise patient care with digital patient pathways
  • Joey Crowd - partnering with the Department for Innovation and Skills on the development of Machine Learning software to assess grant applications.
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