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The 2020 SA Startup Report pulls together some insightful data from a particularly challenging year in business.

Based on your responses to the 2020 SA Startup Survey, ABS data and other research, the report provides a snapshot into South Australia’s growing startup community.

It captures information on the diversity of business founders, funding raised, growth plans and advice for others.

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An online guide to starting a business from planning, validating your idea, finding local support, through to pitching.

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Read the definitive guide to Australia's tech startup sector, from the StartupAUS Crossroads Report.

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The Adelaide Startup Resource List features a range of individuals, businesses and networks that can support you in every stage of your startup journey.

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Find out how South Australia stacks up to Australia and the rest of the world in our first-ever GEM report measuring entrepreneurship.

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The 6th edition of the Crossroads report, commissioned by StartupAUS, analyses the state of startups in Australia with research on capital, the creation of technology driven jobs, an ecosystem map and the success stories and milestones of some of Australia’s fastest growing startups.

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