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When Tourism Meets Tech


About this event

Technology in tourism has a profound impact on the industry movement. It rapidly changes the behaviour of both suppliers and customers in the market.

This joint force plays a crucial role in the way we all travel. Technology revolutionises the tourism industry and determines the strategy and competitiveness of tourism organisations and destinations. Technological innovations are a catalyst for developments and competitiveness in the Tourism industry today.

During this event you will hear from industry experts & contribute to tech solutions in Australia’s Tourism Industry.

This event will provide a gateway for tourism & tech providers plus industry members/community to communicate ideas, share knowledge, increased awareness of industry challenges and opportunities within the tourism industry to deliver value to the future of tech in tourism for South Australia & Australia wide.

Areas of Tourism:

  • Accessible Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism

Guest Speakers:

Accessible Tourism

  • Wendy Fraser - Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of South Australia
  • Peter Horsley - Remarkable
  • Start-ups: Gecko Traxx, Push Adventures, Push Mobility

Sustainable Tourism

  • Dr Laura Lesar - Flinders University
  • Startups: Airguides, Clean Travel, Tashi Travel

Cultural Tourism

  • Dr Heather Robinson - Flinders University
  • Start-ups: Sandpit (Peakmetrics), Lateral Vision

Funding Tourism

  • Siggi Frede - TiCSA
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