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There is No Place Like Home

The home has traditionally been the most important asset for many Australians. And not just in the financial sense. Our homes form part of our identity and we fill them with our families and our memories. But is that changing? And what are the implications for the insurance industry?

Join us as we share four potential future scenarios for the home, brought to life through a series of short videos. We’ll then be joined by our expert panel of:

Ben Flink, Senior Manager Innovation, RAA

Rita Yates, CEO Insurtech Australia

Carolyn Curtis, CEO TACSI

Rohan Hamden, CEO XDI

Who will discuss their views on the challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry. We’ll explore questions such as:

- South Australia is virtually a one-city state. Where will we live when climate change and resource scarcity cause Adelaide to become unliveable?

- What happens when governments can’t pay for public services and homelessness is on the rise?

- Will you live with your parents forever or will they live with you? And how will this change family dynamics?

- Have we killed the golden goose? After being locked out of the housing market, will young people take their revenge and not buy houses?

- And what will all this mean for home and contents insurance?

Finally, the event will conclude with a networking session (complying with COVID-19 guidelines in place at the time).

5:30pm Registration

6:00pm - 7:00pm Presentations, panel discussion and Q&A

7:00pm – 7:30pm Networking

7:30pm Event close

Got a question for the panel?

We’d love to hear it. Add your question when you complete your registration.

Who should attend?

Future-focused organisations looking to solve problems or innovate in the insurance industry, insurance industry professionals looking to do things differently, InsurTech start-ups, investors or advisors, or generally interested people who love to innovate!

About InsurTech Adelaide

InsurTech Adelaide is the South Australian arm of InsurTech Australia, a forum for people interested in insurance, innovation and technology. InsurTech Adelaide’s goal is to help share ideas, network and drive collaboration within the South Australian ecosystem and to help tackle the challenges facing the insurance industry today. Connect with InsurTech Adelaide or join InsurTech Australia.

About RAA

RAA has come a long way since being founded by a small group of motoring pioneers in 1903. Today, more than 770,000 members choose RAA to deliver them peace of mind, through a trusted range of motor, home and travel products and services, as well as battery and solar product innovations.Members are at the heart of everything RAA does, so it’s always looking for new ways to better their lives and make it easy to focus on what really matters. As one of the state’s largest and oldest organisations, RAA is proud to help keep its members – and SA – moving in the right direction.

Thanks to the generous assistance Stone & Chalk for their support in this event.

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