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SMART IMPACT - WEBINAR SERIES: Differentiate outputs from outcomes and build indicators of change

This is the second webinar in the series “SMART IMPACT - Capacity building tools to achieve and measure social outcomes”.
After learning how to define your issue, and build your own Theory of Change (Webinar 1 in this series), we will now take a deep dive into defining sound, clear and measurable outcomes.

This interactive online session is designed for all-sized NFPs, Social Enterprises and Government Agencies. Leverage your team’s capabilities to take action and achieve measurable results.

During this interactive webinar you will learn the following:

  • Outputs vs Outcomes. Learn the key differences between these two key evaluation elements.Indicators - what they are and how to build them.
  • Create your own set of indicators to prove and track if your outcomes are happening.
  • Social Impact - make it happen and learn to measure it! Embed what you learn into your evaluation strategy draft.
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