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Small Business Cybercrime Prevention

How safe is your small business from cybercrime?

COVID-19 has led to a greater number of employees working from home and using personal devices for work, which has consequently opened up greater avenues for malicious actors to infect business with ransomware.

If you're a small business start-up or an already established business, you’ll benefit from learning about simple measures to help protect your business from cybercrime.

This session will focus on the phishing and ransomware types of cybercrime - how they can threaten your business, ways to protect yourself and your business, and what to do if you do fall victim.

This information session will include:

  • Phishing and avoiding being hooked.
  • Identifying a Ransomware attack and threat vectors
  • What is ransomware and how does it work?
  • Resources available if attacked by ransomware.
  • Identifying where to report incidents of online crimes
  • Low-cost prevention strategies to protect your business.

Presented by Sergeant Jonathon Newman from SAPOL’s Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch.

About our Presenters

Sergeant Jonathon Newman is part of the Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch’s Cybercrime Training and Prevention Section (CTPS) supervisor within South Australia Police (SAPOL). CTPS are responsible for increasing awareness of cybercrimes and providing crime prevention advice to businesses and the community. The section works collaboratively with industry and government agencies to develop crime prevention strategies based on contemporary cybercrime issues.

Informing the community of emerging trends and arming them with achievable preventative solutions is an important step in disrupting cybercrimes and protecting South Australians from potential victimisation.

Small Business Commissioner
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