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Reflections on AWS, Micro Service Architecture and Serverless by a tech startup

Join us at Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen on Wednesday the 16th June for an interesting startup journey.

Athlete's AI is a local tech startup delivering cutting edge computer vision products to professional and amateur sportspeople and their coaches.

Athlete’s AI was formed in Adelaide in July 2017 founded by Dr David To, Dr Mark McDonnell and Dr Guy Gallasch. David was a former professional tennis player with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University College London; Mark is an internationally known researcher in Computer Science; and Guy is an experienced Computer Systems Engineer.

The company was formed off the basis that video analytics is not delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner, as experienced by David during his professional tennis days.

James McNeill joined Athlete’s AI in late 2019 and has been the lead developer for the Tennis AI web app, which is an AWS based product delivering video analytics.

Come along 5:30 for kick off at 6:00.

Looking forward to this one.


Rick, Bridie and Andy

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