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Quantifying the Benefits of IP Rights - Why Do SMEs Benefit?

Speakers Panel:

1. Judy Halliday - Chief Operating Officer, Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur

2. Kerstin Holata - Commercialisation Facilitator, Entrepreneurs' Programme, i4 Connect

3. Heather Gustin - Principal, Commercial Manufacturing, Fortescue Future Industries

4. Chris Wilkinson - Patent Attorney, Partner, Madderns Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Recently released surveys by the EPO, IP Australia and CSIRO/UQ provide some interesting insights on how companies benefit from obtaining IP rights. A recently published (and very comprehensive) EPO study found that ownership of IP rights by companies was strongly associated with improved economic performance.

These results are broadly backed up by a similar study of the Australian market by IP Australia. Additionally the EPO study also looked at the comparative benefits of IP rights to SME’s and large companies, and found that the benefits to SME’s were much larger than the gains obtained by larger companies. In another recent study the CSIRO and UQ teamed up to evaluate the links between the innovation activities of ASX companies and their financial performance to better understand what innovation strategies translate to improved business performance.

In this talk we will review these three recent studies and the quantitative benefits to companies and SME’s who seek IP rights, followed by a discussion on why companies benefit by engaging in innovation.

This is an interactive session and there will also be the opportunity for Q&A

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