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Diversity ≠ Equity

In a year that has taught us more about the importance of understanding, respecting & celebrating our humanity more than ever before - we invite you to join us for this important conversation with leading national and international voices. As we progress through the technological era, it is critical that we unlock discussions around diversity, equality, equity & more - including recognising the differences that stand between these terms, which extend beyond a simple definition. We must call out our bias, acknowledge our privilege, recognise the flaws in our systems - and work together, as humans - from all walks of life - to create pathways that are open and accessible to all. Join us for a discussion that we are humbled to host.


- Joan Westenberg - Head of Content at Linktree - Aubrey Blanche - Director of Equitable Design & Impact at CultureAmp - Alan Jones - Entrepreneur in Residence at Remarkable - Claudia Barriga-Larriviere - Creator at Startup Flamingo - Mina Radhakrishnan - Co-Founder at : Different
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