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Cyber Week: How to Build a Trusted Insider Threat Program with DTEX

Join us for an interactive virtual workshop on Counter Insider Threat with Facilitator Nicole Moore from DTex Systems. In line with ACSC’s endorsement of the Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats, the establishment of a Trusted Insider Program is highly recommended as part of any organisation’s cyber incident detection and prevention strategy. Dtex Systems, as the subject matter experts in Insider Threat Detection, will provide a common sense approach for building your first Trusted Insider Program with employee privacy at its core.

Attendees will gain valuable lessons on how to design, build and operationalize Trusted Insider Programs to detect malicious and compromised insiders, prevent data loss, and enrich SOC operations with ‘Indicators of Intent’ that improve accuracy and mean time to event resolution.

DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organisations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data and make human-centric operational investments.

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