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Ruthless Automation for Secure Multi-account Sanity

Hi All,

Our Feb meetup will be in person in the open (on the Stone and Chalk deck), on the 15th Feb, from 5:30 (for a 6:00 start). You do need to register so we can work out all the things covid related. The intention is for a Hybrid event, we will keep you posted.

Come along and hear Dave from Fivecast and how they use AWS accounts to provide an extreme level of isolation for their SAAS clients.

Dave Blockow is VP Engineering and co-founder for Fivecast, a world leading provider of digital intelligence solutions.

Fivecast leverages AWS to provide software solutions to Defence and national security customers around the world. We’re constantly challenged by the combination of rapid growth in a domain that requires very robust approaches to information security.

Come and learn about pushing individual AWS accounts to their limits, how we implemented a scalable, multi-account (per-customer) infrastructure to address our unique requirements, and the ruthless levels of automation we’ve added to keep our DevOps team sane.

See you then,
Rick, Bridie, Steph and Andy

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