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AWS Meetup

Dev double-header!

Louise Nobes Founder and CEO of KIK Innovation who brought 42 to Australia ( will be hosting the evening with Derek Bingham, AWS Developer Advocate, to discuss the skills shortage in the tech industry and what 42 and AWS are doing about it.

42 Adelaide are bridging the diversity gap within the software engineering industry. Tuition free, teacher free and with a gamified approach to learning, 42 is the school of the future. They are also launching their Cadetship program, which is unique to Australia and offers companies an opportunity to be part of the solution.

Derek will examine what we as developers can do to optimise our offline-first applications and how we can use tools like Flutter and AWS Amplify to build offline-first apps with ease. Reducing the amount of scaffolding and boiler plate code we need to write to add features like offline sync, analytics and more into our next offline first application.

Come along 5:30pm for kick off at 6:00pm at Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen on Wednesday the 18th August.

Rick, Bridie and Andy

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