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The new spot for South Australian entrepreneurs

South Australian entrepreneurs and innovators asked for an online space where they could find each other and investors.

Now you have one -

Stage one of the FIXE online experience is a BETA site for two directories, with a new website currently in development.

FIXE (Future Industries eXchange for Entrepreneurship) has the spot where South Australian startups and innovators connect online to find opportunities, improve capabilities and grow capital.

It’s also a great spot to be seen. You can be one of the first to showcase yourself and your business, with a listing on the FIXE Directory. If you have an event you want people to attend, the Event Calendar is where you can promote it.

The directory and calendar will be powered and populated by local entrepreneurs, for local entrepreneurs.

If you want to be spotted and make the right connections, create your account and get started.
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SA Startup Ecosystem Spot Check Survey

We’d also love you to give us a hand with our SA Startup Ecosystem Spot Check survey. Just a few minutes of your time will help us measure the health of our state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem - identifying needs, common challenges and tracking how far we’ve come.

Your responses to the survey will help us determine where government support programs and funding are required.

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