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What is

Viability is the missing link between operations and profit. The software connects every element of a foodservice business in one place, providing true, real-time insight. Our system combines smart revenue forecasting, versatile team management, productivity mapping, instant payroll process, budgeting, ordering, delivery verification and overheads management.

Having every scrap of live data accessible in one beautifully designed interface means business owners can finally understand their real financial position down to the minute, and have smart algorithms mapping their past, present and future without data entry. This allows users to get ahead of their possible costs & challenges and be proactive, not reactive. With live data, Viability can help businesses improve accountability, team productivity and profit.

How can help your business?
Viability allows you to know your business like never before, harnessing software automation to connect the dots while you work. The user-friendly interface is designed for easy use on the ground by you and your team, rather than accountants or bookkeepers. It helps you streamline your food business and boost your profit by gaining minute-to-minute, remote control over staffing, purchasing and overheads operations. The answers are there in your data, and Viability is the simplest way to find them.

Who are we?
We’re a team of entrepreneurs, business owners, tech lovers and data nerds ready to transform the way foodservice does business. After many years in the food industry, we created Viability as a magnificent way to manage our own daily operations. Now we want to share it with you.

Hi-Tech, Digital, Business Services
Adelaide Metro
Pius Steiner
July 2016

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Pius Steiner
CEO & Founder
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