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1.3 billion people have been battling hypertension and chronic conditions on a daily basis. We are here to help them in monitoring their chronic disease more effectively.

By using the custom-built Telehealth including medication tracking and enabling the system to Personalize your health data through the Monitoring Kits and Apple Watch, chronically-ill patients can better understand and manage their health more effectively.

Chronically ill patient now can take their vital sign in the comfort of home, and follow their health through the kits and apple watch, all health data will be updated to the system and reviewed by doctors through the telemedicine app which also helps doctors in the decision-making process.

Our software help in eliminating the need for in-person medical visits, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

Health & Wellbeing
Adelaide Metro
December 2021

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Ground Floor / 10 Pulteney Street, 10 Branwhite St, Adelaide SA 5000
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