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The Oracle™ by Kaliopi Eleni

The Oracle™ is a specialty SaaS (Service as a Software) application that quickly and accurately predicts human indicators of wellbeing. These indicators have broad practical application across a wide spectrum of industries including self-care, relationships and families, wellbeing, performance, safety, education, sports and many more.

The Oracle™ is rigorously tested, trialled and proven. The original research underpinning The Oracle™, was conducted by an Australian-led, in-house research team. The Oracle™ is now led by founders Kaliopi Eleni and Gordon Parbery. Who seek funding to accelerate the commercial development of the current version (minimum viable product) and market launch.

The Oracle™ operation is analogous to a weather forecast only specific to people.

The Oracle™ is able to forecast and predict indicators of wellbeing.

Precisely, accurately and universally. For any person, any day, any time.

The Oracle™ has nothing to do with tarot cards, astrology or tea leaves to be clear!

Digital, Health & Wellbeing
Adelaide Metro
Kaliopi Eleni
January 2022


01 September 2022
1st Subscriber
First paying subscriber to The Oracle™
06 September 2022
First Seed Venture Funding Application Submitted


Kaliopi Eleni
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