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South Australia buy local sell global was established in 2016 at Robe, South Australia, by CEO and Ecosystem Designer Geoffrey Dening. Publishing the first town app on Robe SA, a Tourism platform to provide delivery of information to travelers and resident of local and regional products, services, activities and events.

From 2016 maintained the path planned, to build a global distribution and promotion ecosystem for Australia's then 2.2 million businesses. By the beginning of 2017 4 regional apps were published as well as websites, trading and gathering data to validate the idea was a good one. In 2019 the first state wide platform of website and app on South Australia was published. This is now in the market ready stage and development is underway to release the statewide store version in May/June 2021. It is now the Australian based trade solution for all industries we set out to build.

The customer receives information with a culturally comfortable and recognisable experience when engaged with the platform and direct customer service. The friendliness and local recognition of places and events is transmitted through our identifiable content. From the founders first hand experience in Tourism and Trade of the flow on effect increased services supplied to visitors to inform and direct them. As a digital enterprise we are now to incorporate eCommerce to suit all industries in South Australia.

Appropriate product selection and quality. Within the pre-concept of AUSTRALIAN ORIGIN. Recognised secure and efficient payment service Product delivery to be efficient, track able and cost sensitive.

Supplying quality Australian made products, produce and eCommerce services. From Domestic goods to Holiday experiences and all in between. Reliable and efficient delivery channels of purchases. Secure payment channels. Loyalty programs in the future. SELLERS Access to domestic purchasing customers for all manufacturers, producers and service providers. Providing a national Domestic sales platform for the trade economy. Not selling internationally based goods.

Selling all products, currently have over 8000 for listing. The niche is Australian Made or specific state based enterprises depending on the platform used IE South Australia or Wine Trails of Australia. Not limited to one product or service, is a facet of difference. Products, services, experiences, accommodation are all part of what we will provide purchaser access to as well as information on region's, sights and activities.

Space, Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Creative Industries, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Business Services
Limestone Coast
August 2016


01 August 2016
Robe SA App published
First App of the ecosystem published
02 April 2018
NVI eNVISION Accelerator
Began the New venture Institute accelerator in Mount Gambier
01 December 2020
Uni SA ICC program
Commenced the Uni SA rural regions program
01 May 2019
South Australia platform published
The ecosystem of website, app and social media began operations
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