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Using Gamification and Games Based Learning, Skoolcraft will deliver both an Engagement Management System for classrooms (through our classroom overlay), and a video game where students can play and learn simultaneously.

A solution for a systemic and historic problem. Skoolcraft has two major directions, a game that promotes and develops major components of a 21st century curriculum (Based upon the world recognized research and of Lee Crockett and Sir Ken Robinson) – seen through ‘quests’ and ‘missions’ that use powerful methods such as ‘stealth learning’ to make learning fun and meaningful. And a gamification tool that stakeholders, teachers and parents can support, encourage and analyze student learning through data received on the backend of our Engagement Management System. Teachers struggling to engage 21st-century students can use it to make their classroom a place student want to be, and the game itself empowers its users to take control of the learning process from home, or school, and makes education exciting for students and relevant – for a child’s future, not just our present or past. Skoolcraft is a place where industry can cater curriculum for relevant student pathways, connecting experts and champions of a given field of industry, to its apprentices.

Currently we are using funds from workshop sessions in Minecraft Madness to deliver our content and grow. In 2021 we are looking to grow Minecraft Madness to run across Adelaide, for developing and improving coding skills in 8-to-11-year old’s, along with many aspects of the Digital and Design Technology’s curriculum ( 2021).

At this point we have three major phases to complete. In 2021, we are looking to grow Minecraft Madness and link it with the DECD. Concurrently we are developing our Engagement Management System, to bring gamification into the classroom. And finally link a digital sandbox video game to our Engagement Management system. We are using our earning from Minecraft Madness, the funds and services received through the winnings of the SPARK Initiative at Hub Australia in 2020, the People’s Choice Award winnings from New Venture Institute and our Travel Scholarship fund, from NVI.

Space, Hi-Tech, Digital
Adelaide Metro
January 2020


06 February 2019
Minecraft Madness open for bookings
Sessions of Minecraft Madness open for bookings - positive revenue stream created, and our minimal viable product being delivered to groups of students aged 8 to 14. Growth and customer base increase with each session.
24 April 2019
Spark Initiative - Hub Adelaide.
Winner of a position in Hub Adelaide's Spark Initiative, run in collaboration with Venture Dorm, Renewal SA and Flinders University.
23 October 2019
People's Choice Award.
Winner of the Flinders New Venture Institute eNVIsion’s People Choice award (valued at approx. $30,000) and the USA Travel scholarship to meet with VC's and delegates in Silicon Valley and to attend the South by South West Festival in Austin Texas (monetary fund’s given due to Covid 19).
08 April 2020
Development of EMS
Development of EMS started by Ruah Technology Solutions, complete map of EMS phase mapped, costing agreement, timeframe and quote accepted and work commencing into 2021. - Meeting 1 with Chief Information Officer Scott Bayliss and his department of the DECD: Verbal expression of interest toward Skoolcraft's goals. - Meeting 2: Nathan Twisk, further verbal commitment to support Skoolcraft as a venture. Have asked for any needs of Skoolcraft to be communicated through Scott’s department, interest shown toward the Go2Gov proposal.
03 March 2021
AWS EdStart
$10,000 credit from AWS, and successful applicant for the AWS EdStart membership.
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