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Quick Connect - Mental Health app

This idea will save lives WORLDWIDE. We are in a mental health crisis, with waiting lists for mental health professionals for our children/teens as lengthy as a year.

This app will recruit support workers, councillors, therapist assistants and mentors that people can easily access for support until they can be seen by psychologists. This doesn’t replace psychologists and isn’t and emergency app. However many people get turned away with their children at hospitals if they are deemed not sick enough to be admitted leaving families with no immediate help.

This app provides support until the person can be seen to whether it’s weeks or months.

It will also have quick access to psychologists and other professionals as another option when appointments become available instead of people having to email lots of practices and hope they get into one.

I have my idea I just need help in mentoring and someone who will invest in my idea.

This app could potentially save millions of lives.

Health & Wellbeing
Southern Adelaide
October 2021

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33 Mathias ave, Cumberland Park SA 5041
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