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IoT Consultants

Based in Lot Fourteen Adelaide, IoT Consultants is a technology-based company providing services and products using IoT, BIM, AI and Machine Learning to make faster, smart decisions about business operations and empower the whole organisation to get benefits and enhance the return on investment.

The company provides a wide range of engineering, data science, digitalisation and cybersecurity services.

  1. IoT consultants focus on three main products, including IoT BIM Platform, IoT Digital Twin platform and IoT Medical Platform.
  2. IoT BIM platform helps professionals in the construction industry. It optimises the use of CAD systems to improve collaboration between different experts, including Architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, contract managers, and project managers. This platform is sufficient in general construction, Building, mining, infrastructure and Defence infrastructure.
  3. IoT digital Twin platforms help optimise operations by using various technologies such as BIM, AI and Machine learning. The platform is sufficient for any infrastructure.
  4. IoT Medical platform is aiming to manage big data in the healthcare system and optimise the capacity of the current medical systems. This platform is in the testing phase, and IoT consultants are aiming to collaborate with other startups to deploy this platform to the market.
  5. After analysing the subject with experienced experts, quick solutions are proposed, adapted to each customer's case study, through following steps: briefing, technology assessment, production Trial and Deployment.
Defence, Hi-Tech, Digital, Business Services
Adelaide Metro
Mark Shariat, Michel Boussemart
September 2018

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