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InterpreData is a software development company that specialises in analytical databases providing and interpreting high quality data emanating from Mass and Atomic Emission Spectrometers. This capability is fundamentally suited to provide each participating organisation with a unique elemental fingerprint for each site, whilst ultimately providing consumers with certainty that the product they are purchasing is both ethically sourced and has provenance capability.

Since 2016, the company has been developing a unique, digital traceability tool called TraceBase which stores all data in a data-warehouse, preserving the original sample data and cleaning data for analysis, classification and geo-location.

TraceBase can provide a unique elemental fingerprint for mining, horticultural, farming, pharmaceutical, wildlife products and any other substance requiring traceability. This elemental fingerprint can detect trace elemental parts per billion/trillion, making it impossible to substitute or forge once the fingerprint is established through sampling and subsequently stored in our database.

A mineral, plant or animal has a distinct elemental signature relative to its location as they contain trace elements that are very specific to that location. Every sample site has a specific elemental signature that will also be reflected in a processed sample. By analysing those samples, classifying them through the TraceBase platform, identifying and storing the unique elemental fingerprint, we can retrieve previous results immediately whenever new samples are presented for verification.

The ability to develop a world-wide library that contains signatures of known samples in ethical and conflict areas is an aspirational and achievable goal of TraceBase.

Whilst the technique of elemental classification is being utilised around the world, those using the techniques are doing so manually. It is a slow process which makes analytical analysis very expensive. A laboratory might take anywhere between 2 days and a week to complete an elemental fingerprint from 200 samples, focussed on 7 or 8 elements. InterpreData’s TraceBase platform analyses 64 elements, processing those results in approximately 20 minutes. TraceBase will provide the industry with scalability and a tool that provides a solution to ethical sourcing and provenance.

No laboratories undertaking manual analysis are storing results in a database, although they may claim to be doing so. No-one is using an analytical database of the sophistication of the InterpreData TraceBase platform that stores the original data, interprets, classifies and has the ability to retrieve that classified elemental data for future comparison and classification to verify provenance.

TraceBase provides the opportunity for scalability and affordable acceptance of traceability in the market. With every dataset that is entered into the platform, we exponentially increase our knowledge base of elemental fingerprints for a specific location. There is no other program or database in existence that performs this function.

TraceBase is a highly sophisticated analytical database, containing 108 specifically created algorithms, a Linear Discriminate Analysis capability and a neural network that provides artificial learning to provide classification data.

TraceBase capability provides clean data from uploaded result files after samples are processed in laboratories. It automatically identifies and removes interference and background noise in order to provide a clean dataset for our classification models to provide a unique elemental fingerprint with the purpose of establishing provenance.

Governments and industry associations around the world are grappling with traceability, counterfeiting and substitution issues. TraceBase is complimentary to Block Chain technology, QR codes, labelling programs and any other developments aimed at preventing the loss of revenue and taxes from fraud. InterpreData can develop and trial API integration into customer’s existing systems, and we can also provide expertise in development of other technical solutions for customers within our scope of capability. Most of these services will relate to gaining access from their individual systems to utilise TraceBase to its utmost potential.

Consumers are increasing demanding to know where products come from. Whether it is gold, diamonds, beef, prawns, fish or pork, end-users and producers are demanding provenance. TraceBase provides an automated pathway to provenance that currently does not exist.

InterpreData staff have the experience and knowledge to value add to a project given we have expertise in databases, geochemistry and biochemistry. Our contribution can extend to assisting in applying geospatial data to the projects.

TraceBase will assist the outcomes of projects through certification and quality control of results from laboratories. Our use of embedded algorithms in the TraceBase platform will ensure that we meet the standard of result that TraceBase offers every time we analyse samples.

There is no need for organisations to develop a new digital platform that performs a provenance role. InterpreData will provide a platform, under licence, and be used in conjunction with existing Blockchain technology through collaborative partnerships.

Agribusiness, Digital
Northern Adelaide
Greg Stocks, Ray Hammond
March 2018

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