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Insight Via Artificial Intelligence

IVAI provides consulting services, contract R&D, products and education & training programs in explainable Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality and related technologies. These technologies have broad applicability, and we work with clients across a wide variety of market sectors, including defence Cyber, ISR & C4I, health and medical, agriculture, manufacturing, environmental, resource management, infrastructure, mining and education.

IVAI has extensive experience in the research, design, development, prototyping, testing & evaluation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Data Analytics technologies. We have a particular interest in advancing the state-of-the-art in explainable artificial intelligence systems.

We develop Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences that apply our data science and artificial intelligence knowledge to make simulations that learn from their users and adapt to their skill levels. We also focus on developing simulations that demonstrably facilitate skills transfer from the virtual to natural environments.

Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Health & Wellbeing, Business Services
Adelaide Metro
January 2020

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Suite 811, 147 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
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