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Geninus Australia

Business owner(s): Clay Matthews

Relevant owner experience: PhD in molecular medicine and biochemistry

I am CEO for Samsung Genome Inc. company, Geninus-Australia that specializes in individualized cancer diagnostics. We identify altered genes in patients and identify drugs that are likely to be successful.

Geninus is ahead of the field regarding direct analysis of patient derived tissue without the need for cell culturing.

The Geninus product will be marketed to KOL’s, reference laboratories, government health oncologists, and private sector laboratories as an extra treatment option alongside standard procedures. The oncologist can offer this service to the patient who will give informed consent prior to analysis by Geninus.

The prediction model can direct the oncologist to choose the correct combination of therapies for their patient thereby removing some of the guess work involved with oncology. This would be a plus to both doctor and patient as the patient would not need to suffer needlessly by using a drug that will be ineffective.

This is a new methodology which doesn’t require cell culturing, thereby avoiding phenotypic drift often seen with older techniques. There are very few competitors globally offering similar services so this space is currently open and Geninus have mastered the technology required to provide meaningful reports to oncologists.

Health & Wellbeing
Adelaide Metro
February 2021
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