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Frontline BI

The Frontline Business Intelligence (FBI) system sold by Frontline BI Pty Ltd has been in development for 9 years and operational for 6. The system was initially created for Amertec Pty Ltd and then further developed so that it could provide a valuable service to similar companies in the trades and services industry (plumbers, electricians, HVAC&R, etc.).

The FBI System is unique. It provides its customers not only with a job management system (JMS) to run its jobs and projects but with a predictive model service that details where potential issues will arise. We provide all the necessary tools to establish and maintain a successful business in the trades and services industry.

In 2016 the ABS stated that over one-fifth of employed men, (22%) of the workforce, worked as tradesmen or technicians in 2106. Additional industries also include bookkeepers, accountants, and project managers. The system has a niche, but large audience (both nationally and internationally).

The system is fully customizable (unlike other systems), which allows individual businesses to utilize the full potential of the system in a way that is purposeful to their unique needs. A unified, digitized JMS means that there is increased visibility, control, and transparency across the whole of a business. From the micro level to the macro, everything a trade or contractor needs will be in one system, meaning less paper, less waste, and a greater opportunity for transparency between jobs and businesses.

Hi-Tech, Digital, Business Services
Adelaide Metro
August 2019

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