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Framework is an all-in-one tool for teams and individuals. You can use Framework to do anything from project management, sales pipeline & customer relationship management, wiki & documentation, team communication (team chat, voice & video calls), and meeting scheduling.

Inspired by the way our mind understands concepts, Framework can help organise your ideas with nodes. A node is a piece of information and each node is connected and related to other nodes.

For example, a company is a node, and each staff member of that company is a related node. This allows you to store information in any way you could imagine. For example, you could link each person to all of the meetings they have attended, and each meeting could be linked vice-versa to each person in attendance.

If you’ve used different tools, you would understand the problem of non-existent or poor integration with other tools.

When a lead in your sales pipeline tool becomes a customer, and enters your customer relationship manager tool, it can result in inconsistent information, and having to switch between different tools to enter up-to-date data can waste valuable time and cause mental fatigue.

In Framework, the moment a lead becomes a customer, they enter your customer relationship management workflow, and the attributes of that company are updated to reflect the new status, all while remaining the same node in your system, and staying in the same tool.

You can fully customize each aspect of your workspace, and customise your entire workflow for what works for you. You’re not forced into using a certain workflow, unlike many other tools. You can filter your nodes and display them in different types of views, ranging from kanban boards, tables, gantt charts, calendars, lists, grids, and more.

Framework is currently in development and plans to release its first iteration early next year. The startup is being bootstrapped and funded by it’s digital marketing agency, Insane Marketing, and was founded by Albert Marashi, along with co-founders, Lachlan Hislop, Will Gerard and Alain Bauwmans.

Hi-Tech, Digital, Business Services
Adelaide Metro
Will Gerard, Lachlan Hislop, Albert Marashi, Jack Bohn

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