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Founders' Kit

Founders' Kit is a knowledge-as-a-tool for first-time founders, early-stage startups and entrepreneurs.

We believe founders should spend time growing their startups not searching for resources so we built founders' kit to find information 10X faster.

What's in the kit?

🛠 800+ Tools and platforms
📖 1500+ Articles and guides on different stages of startups, founder stories, best practice guides, growth hacks and many more
🌏 Startup and founder resources of 106 global startup ecosystems
💰 Startup deals and credits saving you thousands on software
📒 Tiny guides on Product Management, UI/UX, Landing pages, MVP development and more
🤖 No-code Bible: All you need to know about the current no-code landscape, tools and capabilities
🗓 30 Day startup: Simplified Entrepreneurship
& much more!

Digital, Business Services
Eastern Adelaide
June 2021


15 June 2021
Landing Page Launch
Launched our landing page on socials and achieved 50+ users join the waitlist.
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