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DIGI CLIP mobile forms

DIGI CLIP mobile forms is a smart device app and cloud-based software application that allows workers to complete checklists and inspections such as vehicle and equipment pre-start checks, hazard inspections, site inspections, and more within the app. The cloud-based software automatically adds faults, defects, and other failed list items from smart fields to the cloud-based software's Action Register from where they are tracked until rectified. All submitted inspections and checklists are stored securely in the cloud-based software. In short DIGI CLIP allows our customers to remove paper checklists and inspections out of their business by digitising them.

DIGI CLIP reduces costs associated with vehicle, equipment, and facilities inspections, and helps with workplace health and safety and other legislative compliance.

DIGI CLIP's client base is predominantly trucking companies requiring fleet and equipment reporting; however, fishing fleets, facilities management, and hire organisations also use DIGI CLIP.

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