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Data Dissect

We live in the age of acceleration. Changes in medical and surgical techniques and devices now occur at an exponential rate.

The need for real-time data tracking that is cost effective, multi­ sourced, and widely shareable has never been greater. To deliver these needs requires next-generation registry platforms to robustly support multi centre multi clinician studies, comparative effectiveness assessment, patient engagement and disease management.

Next-generation registry platforms must enable collection, aggregation and permissioned sharing of high quality data sets across the healthcare organisations.

Today, traditional registries encounter many complex challenges around patient privacy, data security & quality, high operational costs and ability to run effectively in a fragmented healthcare infrastructure

Data Dissects' modern technology and informatics can simplify these complexities. With an efficient, reliable way to glean real­ world evidence from disparate data, you, the researcher can accelerate research outcomes.

Digital, Health & Wellbeing
Adelaide Metro
Sanjeev Khurana, Timothy Boucaut, Francois Duvenage, Hiliary Boucaut
June 2018


Sanjeev Khurana
Clinical advisor
Timothy Boucaut
Peter Drum
Francois Duvenage
Legal & Governance
Hiliary Boucaut
Clinical Advisor
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