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Animate Your Science

Animate Your Science is a communication agency that empowers scientists to change the world by communicating in an effective and accessible way.

ACADEMIA HAS A PROBLEM. 7000 academic papers are published every single day. Many never get cited or even read. How can you be sure that Your research doesn't get lost in this ocean of papers?

WE HAVE A SOLUTION. We make video animations and graphics that make your research stand out and obtain the visibility it deserves with your peers and the general public.

THE BENEFITS ARE MANY. By making your research more visually appealing and easy to understand you will be more likely to receive exposure on social and traditional media. The exposure that will translate into better article metrics which will enable you to get the funding you aspire to.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will benefit society with a healthy injection of fun and clear science.

Animate Your Science will enable your research to realise its full potential impact.

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Adelaide Metro
February 2017
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