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Amrith Agtec Pty Ltd

Amrith Agtec Pty Ltd was formed a few years ago and registered in SA in Aug 2020. All our initial prototypes and products were based on vertical and urban farming. Once we moved to SA, we started targeting the small scale farmers as they are being left out of the technological revolution due to the cost of hi-tech solutions. Our aim now is to provide cost effective solutions to the small scale farmers and try to provide an even playing field by helping them to grow premium products. As of now we have solutions and products for hydroponics, Environment controlled farming, fodder management, commercial greenwall etc., We are always on the look out for areas where we can bring the latest technology and build low cost solutions around it.

Agribusiness, Hi-Tech
Adelaide Metro
Sasikaladevi Ilangovan, Ilangovan Subramaniam
August 2020

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Sasikaladevi Ilangovan
Ilangovan Subramaniam
Director - Technical
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