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The Seed-Start program operates through the Government of South Australia’s Research and Innovation Fund (RIF) to provide financial support for early-stage, high-growth potential businesses.
Space, Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Creative Industries, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Business Services
Funding Type

Eligible startups are invited to apply for funding through this competitive grant program to assist with the cost of commercialising a product or service that is unique and has a sustainable competitive advantage in national and international markets. 

The applicant should demonstrate how this funding would support the costs of delivering a clearly defined project that will generate significant benefits, such as revenue growth, export income, local employment or other social benefits to South Australia. 

It is split into two funding options, Seed and Start, based on a business’ stage of development.

Level Type

Seed Grants

Start Grants

Grant Funding:

Minimum grant: $50,000
Maximum grant: $100,000

Minimum grant: $100,001
Maximum grant: $500,000

Matched Funding:

At least a 2:1 basis
($2 Government to $1 Applicant)

At least a 1:1 basis
($1 Government to $1)

Funding Period:

Up to 2 year maximum

Up to 3 years maximum

To learn more about program eligibility and the application process, view the Seed-Start Guidelines.

Once you have read the guidelines, you are invited to apply at any time using the form below. Email with any enquiries.

The Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur is also running a series of free, in-person Seed-Start information sessions. While organisation for the next information session is underway, we invite you to view Presentation Slides from 13 July 2021.

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