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LeapSheep guides founders and their teams from idea to scale-up, with professionally trained advisors using our world leading Startup Builder™ platform.

Space, Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Creative Industries, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Business Services, Tourism

If you’re ready to move beyond the DIY approach, beyond cookie cutter programs, LeapSheep has the personalised, practical and evidenced based specialist startup building support to guide you to success.

Do you want startup support that’s on par with Sand Hill Road VC’s, that’s also accessible and affordable?

Most startups fail for avoidable reasons, so the quality of support REALLY matters. If you want the best support to maximise your chance of startup success LeapSheep’s Startup Buildercan help.

We don't take your equity. We don’t make you compete for access. We don’t make you wait for program intakes. We don't use untrained volunteer experts. We aren’t established business experts moonlighting as startup experts. We don’t have a generic and commodity startup curriculum.

What we do have is simply: deliver the best startup support experience available. Using trained professionals and evidenced based approaches tailored for you, your team, your technology and your industry focus, we give you the best chance of startup success.

How do we do this? Through Research & Development – we’re continually researching and developing the best approaches to manage startup risk and gain traction. Through Systems – we’ve created systems to train our advisors and your team on repeatable, teachable, evidence-based approaches to help you manage risk and gain traction. And finally, through Experience – we’ve supported 100’s of startups and investors around the world, and we continue to gather evidence to improve our approaches continually so you can benefit.

Whether you’re just starting out with an idea, or already have millions in revenue, we can help.

What we offer to startups and their teams:

  • Structured mentoring – personalised to fit your circumstances and goals.
  • Training – to help you with the unknown unknowns - and coaching that puts your knowledge into practice.
  • Connections – to investors and other founders in our networks to help you grow faster.
  • Services – help you get things done quicker - like building a great pitch to raise capital, carry out research or build your team.
  • Evaluations – so you’ve got confidence that you’ve achieved enough to maximise your chances of a successful outcome.

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