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Supports early-stage businesses to pitch their innovative product or service to state government agencies.

Space, Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Creative Industries, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Business Services

The Go2Gov program calls on startups and early stage businesses to help transform public policy, modernise service delivery and drive economic growth.

It takes the form of an innovation challenge, requiring participants to pitch novel solutions to public sector challenges.​

Participants can test their ideas, develop prototypes and conduct trials in a supportive partnership; with scope to extend service delivery beyond the program’s pilot and become an ongoing provider to one or more state government agencies.

Round One invited local startups to pitch their solutions to one of six public sector challenges, and this stage has now closed. Look out for the next round of public sector challenges to be announced in 2021.


The program is open to individuals, partnerships and startup/early-stage businesses:

  • headquartered (or willing to be headquartered) in South Australia
  • less than seven years old
  • with less than $10 million revenue in the previous financial year.

How to get involved

Startups can engage with the program by responding to public sector challenges issued by participating agencies through a Call for Proposals process, or by directly approaching the program with an "unmatched" proposal.

Find out more

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