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Supports early-stage businesses to pitch their innovative product or service to state government agencies.

Space, Defence, Agribusiness, Hi-Tech, Digital, Creative Industries, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Business Services

The Go2Gov program calls on startups and early stage businesses to collaborate with government to develop new innovations that modernise service delivery and drive economic growth.

It takes the form of an innovation challenge, requiring participants to pitch novel solutions to public sector challenges.​

Participants test their ideas, develop prototypes and conduct trials in a supportive partnership; with scope to extend service delivery beyond the program’s pilot and become an ongoing provider to one or more state government agencies.

Round Two of the Go2Gov Program is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!


The program was open to individuals, partnerships and startup/early-stage businesses:

  • headquartered (or willing to be headquartered) in South Australia
  • less than seven years old
  • with less than $10 million revenue in the previous financial year.

You can still view the challenges from Round 2 below, if you would like an example of the type of activity in scope:

Partner with SA Housing to develop smart housing solutions that better support vulnerable tenants.

The SA Housing Authority (SA Housing) manages 35,000 houses across the state.

Approximately 5,600 of the tenants are aged 60 years old and/or live with a disability.

Through this Challenge, SA Housing are seeking to work with innovative startup(s) to design and implement advanced technologies (for instance, IoT, AI, robotics and/or sensors) to create ‘smart’ houses. It is intended for these smart houses to increase the tenant’s safety without compromising their privacy and day-to-day functioning.

Read more about this challenge.

Partner with Procurement Services SA, in the Department of Treasury and Finance, to streamline their data matching and cleansing processes.

The Procurement Services SA Branch of the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) is responsible for implementing and governing the South Australian Government’s Procurement Framework.

In 2019, the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the Government’s procurement activity identified that SA Government procurement data collection and analysis capability is not yet fit for purpose.

Through this Challenge, DTF is seeking to work with an innovative start-up(s) to automate and augment data matching and data cleansing process such as duplicate (but still unique) supplier records and produce procurement focussed reporting from many uniquely configured financial systems and transactional records.

Read more about this challenge.

Partner with the Department for Environment and Water to develop a hi-tech water depth monitoring solution.

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is the lead agency for water monitoring in South Australia. The DEW water resources monitoring team collects data from approximately 3,645 different groundwater and 245 surface water sites across the state.

Through this Challenge, DEW is seeking to work with local startup(s) to develop a substitution/alternative to current methods for measuring depth to water, which rely on pressure sensor probes suspended in the water column via a cable connected to a logger at the surface.

Read more about this challenge.

Partner with the Department for Environment and Water on a sustainable water management project that allows for remote monitoring and real-time reporting of water meters.

Water is vital for all aspects of life on Earth. It is a critical resource underpinning Australia’s economy, society, and the environment.

The Water Licensing Branch of the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is responsible for monitoring water use to manage the state’s water resources.

Through this Challenge, DEW is seeking to work with an innovative startup(s) to design and develop a combination of hardware and integratable software that can be retrofitted to the existing water meter network to enable the remote reporting and monitoring of water usage in real-time to drive innovative data analytic capabilities.

Read more about this challenge.

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